Admission Fee






■Weekdays(After 10pm~2am)




■Friday(After 10pm~2am)


■Saturday, The day before(7pm~10pm)


■Saturday, The day before(After 10pm~2am)




¥1,000(2Drink) SNS members | ¥1,000(2Drink + 1Drink)

■Weekdays(After 10pm~2am)

¥2,000(NoDrink) SNS members | ¥2,000(1Drink)


¥1,500(NoDrink) SNS members | ¥1,000(NoDrink)

■Friday(After 10pm~2am)

¥3,000(NoDrink) SNS members | ¥2,000(NoDrink)

■Saturday, The day before(7pm~10pm)


■Saturday, The day before(After 10pm~2am)




*About minors

We will refuse any admission for people under 20 years old.

*About ID check

In our shop, we will conduct an ID check on everyone at the time of admission. Please prepare your ID (identity verification documents).

<1 valid documents>

Driver's license / Passport / Basic Resident Register card (with photos only) / Alien Registration Card

<Documents that require multiple presentations>

Health insurance card + bank card / health insurance card + tuspo / health insurance card + student ID card / bank card + student ID card

※ In our shop, admission of minors is strictly prohibited. We will conduct an ID check on everyone at the time of admission. Please prepare your ID (identity verification documents).

※ If you can not confirm your ID, you will not be admitted.

※ The basic resident register card without photo is required more than one presentation.

※ There is the case that we can not get admission by judgment of our shop ※ Document is limited to thing in expiration date ※ Student's card is not handwritten.

*About notes

※ We are not allowed to sell alcohol to drivers coming by car. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

※ About lost items and lost items etc. The storage period of dropped items etc. is stored at the front desk for one month from the date of notification. Telephone inquiries will be answered after 19:00.

※ Please keep valuables such as wallets and bags in lockers or manage them yourself. In the unlikely event of loss or theft, our shop takes no responsibility.

※ Please note that we do not accept any photos or recordings by cameras, videos, etc. in the shop of unauthorized persons in order to protect your privacy and portrait rights of the artist.

※ The entrance of the visitor who is exposed tattoo / tattoo (including seal and paint) is also refused.

※ Because we offer alcohol, we are prohibited from forced Nampa act, pervert act, sitting-in etc.

※ Please do not bring in food and drink such as plastic bottle and food.

※ Our shop has introduced a dress code. Jerseys, sweatshirts, tank tops, work clothes, sandals and crocs are not allowed for admission to customers with light clothing.

※ We strictly prohibit the use or bring-in of drugs regardless of whether it is prohibited or not prohibited by law. We will notify the responsible police immediately.

※ We also refuse admission if we judge that our shop is inappropriate.




当店ではご入場の際に全ての方にIDチェックを行わせて頂きます。ご本人様名義の ID(ご本人様確認書類)をご準備下さい。


運転免許証 / パスポート / 住民基本台帳カード (写真付きのみ) / 外国人登録証明書


健康保険証+銀行カード / 健康保険証+タスポ / 健康保険証+学生証 / 銀行カード+ 学生証




※当店の判断によりご入場頂けない場合もございます ※書類は有効期限内のものに限ります *学生証は手書き不可です。



※落し物や忘れ物等について落し物等の保管期間は、届出があった日より一ヶ月、フロントにて保管しております。お電話でのお問い合わせは 19:00 以降のご対応となります。






※当店はドレスコードを導入しております。 ジャージ・スウェット・タンクトップ・作業着・サンダルやクロックス等の軽装のお客様のご入場をお断りしております。